Khaled Masri

Courage, resilience, and hope for a better future


Khaled Masri

Seventeen-year-old Khaled grew up in Daraa, Syria, and was born with cerebral palsy. When his entire family was killed by a bomb striking his home, he was left in a terribly vulnerable situation. 


By the time he made it to the Polus Center program in Amman, Jordan and began receiving treatment, he was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. His physical and psychological problems negatively reinforced one another. At first, Khaled could only walk on his tiptoes with assistance. and he also suffered from mood swings and low self-esteem which drove him to self-isolation. He was particularly ashamed of his appearance and did not want anyone else to see him. Through his treatment, he gradually became stronger both mentally and physically: the physical therapy taught him to walk again; the psychotherapy introduced him to peer support therapy and art therapy. 


Painting became an important outlet for Khaled and he became highly prolific. With his renewed strength and the discovery of his passion for art, Khaled’s self-esteem increased rapidly and he began participating in more and more social activities. Today Khaled lives in the Za'atari refugee camp where he continues both his painting and his relationship with ADT and the Polus Center. Khaled dreams of becoming a famous artist, a doctor or a football player. 

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